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Druthers NYC

Druthers are a New York City based fashion house and leader in sustainability created in 2014. 

Druthers is founded by Adam Gianotti, a New York native career fashion designer who has designed, built, and curated many globally renowned brands since the mid 90's. Druthers is committed to helping the planet outside the scope of our manufacturing and consumption practices by supporting sustainable facilities and groups who support recycling and global clean up efforts. We seek to further lower our carbon footprint by donating a portion of our proceeds to select organization including planting trees.

Classic silhouettes are reformed by updating fit, yarn, fabric, and manufacturing techniques to provide the world with an honest and responsible approach to clothing. They make all of their garments with sustainability in mind in Japan, U.S.A., and Portugal. Druthers use organic cotton yarns throughout all of their product categories


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