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Pendleton founder, British weaver Thomas Kay, sailed to Oregon in 1863 where he was instrumental in the state’s early woollen textile mills, before setting up his own in Salem. His eldest daughter Fannie worked closely by his side and took over in 1909, when she opened Pendleton Woollen Mills.

Among their first customers were Native Americans, who the label continues to work closely with to this day to produce blankets, robes and shawls.

Approximately 48% of the company’s wool is sourced from the USA and the pieces are put through complex steps including carding, spinning and weaving, as well as the label’s state-of-the-art dye technology to achieve the durable and unique finish.

Pendleton board shirts were made iconic by the Beach Boys, who were originally called The Pendletones because they wore Pendleton shirts all the time. 

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